Day 45/365


February 14, 2013


View from inside my blanket fort. Yes, I said blanket fort. It set it up in an hour whoooop! : D

I always wanted to post “ootd” photos on instagram, but it’s just not me. So I’ll do it here.

This was also the day of our first C3 fundraiser! A boba sale! 🙂 Thank you to all my friends who came and supported ❤


And… our romantic Valentine’s Dinner is.. SANDWICHES YEAY! Hehe.




Day 44/365

IMG_1784February 13, 2013


In other news, I sent my mom and sister flowers for Valentine’s  Day! They’re all the way back in Chicagoooo


Day 40/365

IMG_1712February 9, 2013

Details in the fabric

I really appreciate and admire folds in fabric and hope to be able to accurately draw them someday. One of my blankets was on the floor of my dorm all day so that I could study on the ground. To be honest, that was probably one of my most productive days of the semester. It was more comfortable than my desk, but not as comfortable as my bed where I would’ve fallen asleep.

Note to self: take a better picture of myself studying on the ground.. perhaps a bird’s eye?


Day 39/365


February 8, 2013

So this was one of those nights where I almost fell asleep without taking a photo. I really like granola bars and bought a bunch this day, so I rolled out of bed and arranged them (while half asleep…..) and took a photo.

…it still has some composition, right?

Day 36/365

day 36Day 36

February 5, 2013

Alright, I’m not very proud of this photo.. and a lot of the ones I’m about to post, but whatever. I’ve accepted the fact that not every photo is going to be amazing. Instead I’ll focus on why I took each photo.

I took this photo because on this day, I learned about perspective in my drawing class. I got really into and was really excited when I saw this truck on my way to Mark Study that night. Inside the truck was an example of perspective!

Okay, my dorky moment is over now.