Day 55/365


February 24, 2013

The day I finished installing my first sculpture! The assignment was to do a “cover” of a famous sculptor’s sculpture. I chose Pae White.

I have more official photos to post of my sculpture soon!

Here are some examples of her work that inspired me:


Day 54/365


February 23, 2013

Took a trip to the Grove today. My cousin Richie picked me up and when I got out of the car in the parking structure, I saw this beautiful sunset behind the LA skyline.


Loving this song right now


Earlier in the day I went to this restaurant with my new friend Jeremy! I got to eat brown rice which made me happy ahaha


Okay, please tell me I am not the only person who thought this restaurant name was strange.


A whole crowd gathered around this dog at the grove and was taking pictures of him. He was so adorable and huge!


More Inspiration for my future apartment. I love this idea with the scarves.


Another simple room decoration I would love to try!

Day 53/365


February 22, 2013

Props to whoever designed this poster. I really really liked it when I saw it in the lobby of my dorm. So much that I took a photo. (:

I love the simplicity, color scheme, and overall theme. The CDs or casette tapes make beautiful lines.. and I love lines. Great poster.

Inspired. I can’t wait to take design II in the fall.

Day 52/365


February 21, 2013

I was working on my drawing homework (whoa, I just realized I post a lot about my art classes)… anyway. I was working on my drawing and found two pencils I didn’t realize I had. I sharpened them and was amazed by the beautiful shapes the shavings made. I could potentially do another project on this in the future. INSPIRED! (:




Day 50/365

IMG_1937February 19, 2013

Progress on my first sculpture! 😀 It was definitely a lot of tedious work. I chose to cut circles of newspaper with the corners of photographs to accent the circles. I’ll post the final sculpture soon!

I basically spent the night in the sculpture studio with my friend Janelle and boyfriend Philip. We ordered tie food and suffered together. That’s what I get for procrastinating. I’m stil trying to get better 😐

Day 49/365


February 18, 2013

I’m really starting to see a lot of connections between drawing and photography. It sounds obvious but the things I learn in my drawing class are starting to appear in my everyday life. Walking up the stairs, I didn’t just see stairs. Instead I saw cubes like they were lit in my drawing class.

I lightened the photo the a little and you can see below just how similar it looks to a charcoal drawing. :O


Day 47/365



February 16, 2013

I shot an a capella (sp?) competition! I had a blast watching and listening to the different groups. My favorite part though was seeing people’s expressions during the award ceremony. This girl was so cute. She was so excited for winning an award for choreography. It’s just so cute :’)


I really liked these guys’ shoes. Those yellow laces.._DSC0227

This girl had such a cool look I had to take a photo of her.

I thought this was such an awkward position to sing in._DSC0265

She was such a boss. She was rapping Eminem. The crowd was going WILD.

More happiness : D. I love how the girl in the center is in a sea of whiteIMG_1874

Your lovely and strange photographer, meeeE!