Day 32/365

Friday, February 1, 2013


Day 32/365

The view from the balcony of our cabin, Big Bear, CA

My dance team and I went on a retreat to Big Bear. We had such an amazing time! My carpool got there first so I had some time to take photos of the mountains. The lights are lights on the mountain for night skiers.

Here are some photos from the drive from LA up there!32 only


32 grass

32 power lines

32 frandshipbracelet

Making friendship bracelets to kill time 😀
32 palm trees

32 heart cut

Part of the mountain looked like a heart!
32 signs

32 trees

32 big bear town

The Village near Big Bear. The town was so cute.

32 pizza


32 best latte ever

This was the best latte I’ve ever had. Moroccan Chocolate with Mint and Soy milk MMMMMM
32 cabin yah

The first ones in the cabin! We turned on the lights and there was a deer head on the wall.. so scary. The cabin was so cozy 🙂



Day 27/365

January 27, 2013day 27 lq

Dad’s Sweater

I had a lot of fun that day walking around campus with my tripod. 🙂 I wore my dad’s sweater that day so I really wanted to incorporate into my photo. This was the day of our first C3 practice! We went around in a circle introducing ourselves. I remember being really excited about historian (person who documents our dance team) with my friend Janelle.

I was so happy after taking this photograph. Afterwards, I went to Starbucks to work on an essay. My laptop froze, so I restarted it and then the screen turned gray. Basically I found out my hard drive failed and I’ve been without a computer since. (No worries it’ll be arriving on friday or saturday this week!)