Day 18/365

Day 18/365

  Guess who doesn’t have class on fridays? This girl! I woke up and actually took even more photos of my comforter… I was under the covers and noticed how beautiful the light looked through the fabric. I think I spent 20 minutes lying in bed taking photos of my comforter with my phone.   Because I didn’t have class, I decided to go on an adventure and take the bus to City target because I need to buy a new pillow. The weather was perfect so I wore my brown high low skirt. Sup window selfie.


Honestly, I think the comforter picture is much stronger than my window picture, but the one of me sums up my day much better. I dressed up, went downtown, and had a little adventure.

  I managed to safely make it downtown. Go Kristine! IMG_1077

The target was HUGE. It had it’s own parking structure and food court below it :O


I got my pillow, did some groceries and ended up in this aisle. Hmm.. some things never change.


I wanted to get lunch from the food court because it looked like a nice and healthy place, but it was packed with business people on their lunch break.. I have to go back though! You can’t really tell but the lines were so long that they filed through the tables.


On my way back to the bus stop I picked up some little treats hehehehe. Edible Arrangements!


Oh and a pineapple smoothie. Am I cool yet, guys?


  Okay so while I was waiting for my smoothie I got an email from tumblr saying that I had three new followers. This is strange because pretty much nobody sees my tumblr, and it was totally out of the blue. I checked tumblr and I got a notification that people were reblogging a photo from three years ago. No way. I had submitted that photo to a popular and selected photo blog on tumblr.

They have themes every month and the theme for January was “Through the looking glass.” Over winter break I submitted my photo of my friend Bomi and completely forgot about it since. Imagine how surprised I was when I scrolled through my dashboard and saw my own photo. :O People actually liked it!

See the post on Your Choice Photographs and my tumblr   It has so many more notes now 😉IMG_1085

I grabbed lunch by myself. I honestly really enjoy eating alone, you can really focus on the  taste of the food. And it’s fun to people-watch.

IMG_1091 IMG_1087 IMG_1089

twas very yummy with my pineapple smoothie 🙂   And then I made it back to the bus.

IMG_1092 30 seconds after I took the photo below, the bus got on the high way and it drove past the “Felix the Cat” sign (a sign right next to my dorm) I flipped out and asked the man next to me where the bus was going. He didn’t really answered but just told me to get off the next stop. I DIDN’T WANNA GET LOST. Everything turned out to be fine and I got off right next to campus, just on the other side. Oh man. IMG_1093

  This was the metro station I got off at. The stairs are so colorful and I caught the boy and man walking up them!


Welcomed back to campus with students all over the quad enjoying the weather. High 70s in January. Yup.




IMG_1108 The strawberries topped it all off :))


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