Day 9: Other Photos

Started off my day getting my passport renewed with my mumsie. Need a new one for my trip to Taiwan and the Philippines this summer (!!!!). Yay mother-daughter bonding. We did some shoppang and I went to Barnes and Noble where I ran into Christine! 🙂 The only contact we’ve had the past few months were instagram and twitter… Actual face-to-face contact is where it’s at. We walked around and caught up 🙂 I actually recommended that she read “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. YAY. Also I just flashed back to when we’d have to introduce ourselves and it’s always be like, “Hi I’m Christine.” “Hi.. I’m also Kristine…” Awk.

Went to Pita Inn with my mumsie and she actually really liked their falafel and chicken shwarma. I should take her there again.

Erm… what else…. BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!

Melissa, Megan, and Mabel’s instagram photos:

I always laugh so hard with them. And we end up telling each other the WEIRDEST stories from our childhood..

(I’ll post the polaroids later because I already packed them in my suitcase…)

Finished packing about an hour ago. I can’t believe my flight is tomorrow morning. I had an amazing time back home. At the same time, I’m ready to go back to LA. I’m actually really excited about tomorrow’s photo. Maybe I’ll do something cool showing me traveling. Or a cute pic of me at the airport. But it’d be kind of weird setting up my tripod in the middle of O’ Hare or LAX. …I’ll figure it out!


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