Day 8/365

Book on shelf


Crazy moment today. I’ll give you some context so that you can understand. 1) My dream job is to be a National Geographic Photographer. 2) “The Afghan girl” (the photo on the cover) changed my outlook on photography as an art and it was the subject of my essays applying to college.

I went to a used bookstore today with my cousin John. It was a small store within a local public library. People drop off books and the employees shelve them as they receive them. After wandering around random sections for about 20 minutes, we came across the photography and art section of the small store. While I was eyeing different art books, an old lady comes by and sets this book down on the shelf right next to me because it’s too big to stand up like the other books.

My jaw dropped.

My dream job and an image that meant so much to me appeared in my face and out of no where. I didn’t say anything. I was so shocked. It felt like I was in a movie. John understood and was just as speechless.

I immediately dug through my bag, pulled out my instax camera, and snapped a photo of the book on the shelf. I picked up my dslr afterwards and did the same. “This is today’s photo.”

Sure, it’s not AMAZING, but it documents a moment really important and crazy to me. I can’t believe this happened. It was like a reminder that this was my dream. (Pretty far fetched, but anything can happen, right?)

What amazes me is the timing of it all. I almost went to a different bookstore. I could have overlooked the art section. The book could’ve been dropped off two hours later and I never would have seen it. It was literally put on the shelf right in front of me. :O

Oh and it was only $3 🙂


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