Day 1: Other photos

Here are some other photos from the forrest preserve:


This man passed by me twice. The first time I was in awe of how easily he walked across the icy paths. (I avoided them all together and walked in the snow). His dog kind of scared me because it was growling… The second time I said hello and he greeted me a happy new year. We talked for a little bit and he let me take a photo of him and his dog. While I’m not too happy about this picture, I like how it captures my random encounter with this man.


The light on the snow was beautiful. I didn’t capture it as well as I would have liked to. Had I not lost feeling in my fingers I would’ve stayed there longer. I should find thicker gloves.


I visited my best friend Bomi’s house today. We didn’t do much. We sat on her bed and caught up with each other. While we were talking, we both noticed this chair in her room. She’s had it since she was about three or four and now uses it as a nightstand. I love it because it fits the feel of her room (which by the way I love). It’s so quaint and so …Bomi. I’m gonna miss you when we both go back to school soon! I’m glad we had the chance to hang out a little bit today 🙂

Other shots from her house:


(I actually really liked the one above too because she’s somewhat in the photo).


I took a lot more pictures than I thought I would today. So I guess it was a successful first day!

Until tomorrow,



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