365 Day Photo Project

This year, I am going to take at least one photo a day everyday and post it on this blog. The photo could be of anything. I will try to take my camera with me everywhere, but when that’s not possible I’ll use my iPhone.

I love taking pictures. It’s definitely a part of who I am. However, I do get into periods of time where I don’t want to take pictures because I’m not happy with my results. This is one reason I want to do this project, to force myself to make art. It’s the only way I’ll improve.

I’ve tried to do this project before. Four or five times.. and I’ve failed every time because of frustration. That’s not going to happen this time. I’m going to stick it out. By creating this blog, I feel like I’m more committed because if people see this then I’m less likely to stop. The more people I tell about this project, the less likely I am to quit because I don’t want to let them down.

When I did this project for the first time (November 2011), I actually lasted about two weeks. It was really fun but ended up taking too much time out of my day. Nonetheless the project forced me to think in ways I hadn’t before. Many of the photos actually ended up in the portfolio I submitted when applying to college.

Here are a few:


2 thoughts on “365 Day Photo Project

  1. Great shots! Best of luck with your project! We would definitely be interested in running the first two if you feel you are a fit for our site (photographer with some connection to mental health issues, self or others, anything from having experienced some situational depression or anxiety at some point in your life, to major mental illness, and everything between). Please check it out and be in touch.

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