Day 26/365

grass in the path

I love it when plants grow in the most random places. It actually makes me really happy.

I came across this tiny patch of grass on a walk across campus today. I’m still amazed at how much green there is right now considering it’s the middle of January. That’s California for you…. and I’m not complaining (:


Day 25/365

c3 auditions

Three lights for C3 (;

Yesterday was the audition day for my dance team, Chaotic 3. Love you all (:

Funny, I felt like my audition was just yesterday but it was last semester!


Day 24/365

_dsc2058 copy

Scarves on scarves on scarves

They’re so colorful! I always forget about them because I keep them in a hard-to-reach corner of my closet.

It was raining this morning. On my way to class I saw a guy biking with a rainbow umbrella. By the time I had my phone out and snapped a photo, he was already so far away…

photo (6)

So many umbrellas

photo (7)

Switched my drawing/sculpture locker today! I took the one with the face (:

photo (8)

Day 23/365

_dsc2041 copy

First time I wore my hair in a bun in months…  I should do it more often. Taken in my dorm!

Random other things that happened yesterday after sculpture:

I love seeing students play music around campus. Last week I saw two kids on the quad playing the banjo, but I ended up not being able to take a picture. I saw this guy and I just had to ask him. He really didn’t care so I took one! His name is Robert and I bet he was secretly excited that I took a picture of him. His music sounded really good.


This girl. JANELLE!!! She volunteered to put my backpack in her basket on the way to Parkside for an afternoon snack.


Day 21/365


_DSC2027 copy

Day 21/365

On the Metro after a long day

The mother in the photo was frustrated with her children on the train yesterday. I thought it was sweet how her daughter was nonetheless still comforting her.

Went on a Metro adventure yesterday to Little Tokyo. I went for a more photojournalistic approach yesterday taking pictures of people and moments that interested me. Towards the end of the night my photos became more about buildings at lights that were interesting.

Here I am taking pictures in the train station. Thanks for the picture Wendy!



_DSC1922 copy

_DSC1924 copy

This installation at the train station was so…. weird and creepy, but interesting. The bodies had serial numbers on their shirts. Hmm… I wonder what the idea was._DSC1928

_DSC1933 copy

_DSC1938 copy

I thought this was the such a sweet and simple moment. Eating sushi in the park on a sunny day with your two dogs. D’aw I’ll do that any day.

_DSC1951 copy

I thought that this was such a cool sign.



Reminded me of Ethan and John (: Miss you guys!


That hair must be so difficult to manage…


This girl was absolutely adorable.

_DSC1974 copy

I saw this couple sharing some ice cream and thought it was a cute moment. When I looked back on the image, I saw the guy’s face. Priceless!_DSC1980

I still can’t believe it was so nice outside. Got to wear one of my favorite dresses!


Sign in an Urban Outfitters-esque store in Little Tokyo






Really cool stairwell into a parking garage



The lighting on this building was just… amazing. Such a cool effect!


At one of the metro stations, they had photographs backlit on the wall. Todd Hido! Perhaps that will be me someday.


Our little adventure group!


Having some fun with the panorama feature on the iPhone. Photo Credit: Wendy WuIMG_1195

We spent so much time in this Japanese photobooth.. Love you guys!


Day 20/365



I don’t know about you, but whenever I see a really cool decoration or part of a house/building, I have to take a photo. I have so many pictures on my phone. Anyways, today I was studying and I saw this beautiful pattern on the wall. I think it’s wood? but it was shaped like brick. Maybe it’s both.. I couldn’t stop staring. It’s just so beautiful. I can picture it on a wall in my future kitchen, behind frames of my photos of course (;

Day 19/365


Day 19/365

Found my study spot–Starbucks right off campus

My close friends from home know that I spent most of my senior year at a Starbucks near my house. It was the perfect place to study. Today was the first time I went to this Starbucks and I was amazed by the big tables. I am definitely studying here from now on. Starting tomorrow hehe.

Had time to talk with these sirs this mornin’. MISS YOU GUYS



IMG_1127 IMG_1128 IMG_1129

I thought this was the funniest thing.


How they stack the chairs at Starbucks. I like it.

Someone is getting more into photography.


I really like this. It actually inspired me. You can be creative with anything. IMG_1150

Day 18/365

Day 18/365

  Guess who doesn’t have class on fridays? This girl! I woke up and actually took even more photos of my comforter… I was under the covers and noticed how beautiful the light looked through the fabric. I think I spent 20 minutes lying in bed taking photos of my comforter with my phone.   Because I didn’t have class, I decided to go on an adventure and take the bus to City target because I need to buy a new pillow. The weather was perfect so I wore my brown high low skirt. Sup window selfie.


Honestly, I think the comforter picture is much stronger than my window picture, but the one of me sums up my day much better. I dressed up, went downtown, and had a little adventure.

  I managed to safely make it downtown. Go Kristine! IMG_1077

The target was HUGE. It had it’s own parking structure and food court below it :O


I got my pillow, did some groceries and ended up in this aisle. Hmm.. some things never change.


I wanted to get lunch from the food court because it looked like a nice and healthy place, but it was packed with business people on their lunch break.. I have to go back though! You can’t really tell but the lines were so long that they filed through the tables.


On my way back to the bus stop I picked up some little treats hehehehe. Edible Arrangements!


Oh and a pineapple smoothie. Am I cool yet, guys?


  Okay so while I was waiting for my smoothie I got an email from tumblr saying that I had three new followers. This is strange because pretty much nobody sees my tumblr, and it was totally out of the blue. I checked tumblr and I got a notification that people were reblogging a photo from three years ago. No way. I had submitted that photo to a popular and selected photo blog on tumblr.

They have themes every month and the theme for January was “Through the looking glass.” Over winter break I submitted my photo of my friend Bomi and completely forgot about it since. Imagine how surprised I was when I scrolled through my dashboard and saw my own photo. :O People actually liked it!

See the post on Your Choice Photographs and my tumblr   It has so many more notes now 😉IMG_1085

I grabbed lunch by myself. I honestly really enjoy eating alone, you can really focus on the  taste of the food. And it’s fun to people-watch.

IMG_1091 IMG_1087 IMG_1089

twas very yummy with my pineapple smoothie 🙂   And then I made it back to the bus.

IMG_1092 30 seconds after I took the photo below, the bus got on the high way and it drove past the “Felix the Cat” sign (a sign right next to my dorm) I flipped out and asked the man next to me where the bus was going. He didn’t really answered but just told me to get off the next stop. I DIDN’T WANNA GET LOST. Everything turned out to be fine and I got off right next to campus, just on the other side. Oh man. IMG_1093

  This was the metro station I got off at. The stairs are so colorful and I caught the boy and man walking up them!


Welcomed back to campus with students all over the quad enjoying the weather. High 70s in January. Yup.




IMG_1108 The strawberries topped it all off :))

Day 17/365


I took my first drawing class today (the 17th). To be honest, before I went I was really nervous. Because I’m a fine arts major, I felt like everyone expected me to know how to draw. There wasn’t anything to worry about because most of the students were beginners. I learned a lot about line and the characteristics of line. I feel like I see things even more than before. I’m excited for my eyes to get better and better at seeing and observing this semester. We did a lot of blind contour and contour drawings.

The lines I had to observe and draw definitely influenced my photo for the day. They have so many qualities about them.